Blind Chick Moment 1,357…

As with many blind and low vision individuals, I often find myself doing stupid stuff because I misread a sign or label or just plain missed something. I thought of this often this morning as my husband I were both working in the kitchen trying to get lunches made and breakfast eaten before heading out the door to work.

My husband is often cleaning up after me as I don’t see that I spilled something on the counter tops, especially because they are a crazy black, white, and gray granite, talk about low contrast and busy patterned background. This morning it happened to be that I spilled sugar on the counters which also happened to land on his cell phone… let’s just say that didn’t make him too happy. At least we can laugh about it now.

I have bought the wrong type of milk or other ingredient at the store because I misread the label.

I have almost walked into the men’s restroom more times than I can count, but luckily I now have my guide dog, who to my amazement takes me to the woman’s restroom (even in a strange airport or restaurant) about 99% of the time!

I have often missed a hello from a friendly co-worker or classmate because I didn’t see them wave to me in the halls as we passed by. Or I may miss the discreet head nod of a teacher point out a student to me because I didn’t pick up on the detail of their gesture.

Once, I was opening a bottle of wine and my face was too close to the cork and opener as I pulled the cork out, leaving a huge goose egg of a bump on my forehead.

Luckily I havn’t done anything too embarrassing, yet…

For my blind and visually impaired friends, do you have any stories to share? Leave them in the comments!

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