White Cane vs Guide Dog

So I realize that it has been quite a while since I have written a post. Life has gotten away from me, I suppose.

The other day I took my old yellow lab, Minnie, on a short walk around the block. That is about all she can tolerate these days, she is slowing down so much. Because she walks much slower than Nabisco, I had chosen to leave Nabisco home and go out with my white cane. This was the first time I had used my cane since getting Nabisco almost 6 months ago (has it been that long already??). WOW! What a difference he has made in my mobility. With my white cane, I was forced to walk slower, with my cane getting stuck in every small crack in the sidewalk. It was much more frustrating. When I walk with Nabisco, we fly! We can go so much faster and it is truly a much more relaxing way of going. I am so happy to have Nabisco and he has made such an amazing difference in my life.


One thing I never considered when switching from my cane to a guide dog was the impact it would have on my relationship with my husband. Although it has not been significant, there has been a small change that we both have noticed. Prior to getting Nabisco, I used to hold my husband’s hand whenever we went out, now with Nabisco since he walks so fast and my focus is on him, I am not able to hold his hand as easily. This may seem inconsequential and seem like a good thing as I am not as dependent on my husband, but it has taken away one avenue of physical closeness that we shared together.

Our solution: we will work to incorporate time when we are able to go places or go for walks without Nabisco so I can hold his hand and my attention doesn’t have to be split.