GDB Follow Up

Today I had my “yearly” follow up from Guide Dogs for the Blind. It seems a bit funny since we have only been graduated for 3 weeks, but it is really lucky that it lined up like this so that they were able to check in on us and make sure that things are going well with the transition.

It was really nice to have our representative out to watch us work and have their confidence that we are doing well and my handling is still correct. I have felt as though things have been going extremely well with Nabisco and I especially with guide work and my visit today confirmed that. He was really impressed with my handling and his guide work and he said that we are a well oiled machine. It was nice to get a few tips and reminders to help keep Nabisco from getting too excited and ramped up. We did great and they have no concerns about our work together.

I am so impressed with the follow services and support that Guide Dogs for the Blind provides post graduation. I have received a follow up call from my class supervisor, checking in on us, I have had a visit from my representative, and when I ran into a trainer at the mall with a dog and Nabisco got really distracted, they helped me through it and set up another distraction for us to work through. I have only been home for 3 weeks. I am so impressed. They are always a phone call away if I run into trouble no matter where Nabisco and I are in our working life together.

Guide Dogs for the Blind has matched me with the perfect dog and Nabisco is everything I could want in a dog. I love him so much!



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