A Breakthrough in Technology! 

i have a new iPad app!!! I purchased the knfbReader app for my iPad and iPhone. I had the opportunity to trial it yesterday and it is impressive. 

This app allows me to use my iPad or iPhone to take a picture of any type of written document and it will immediately start reading the document. The OCR technology is very accurate and the reading quality is really good too. When it reads back the text, it highlights the sentence it is reading and you have the option to change the color schemes for the background and text. You can also change the font size up to 60 point. 
I am so excited to use this app at work and in my daily life as I feel it will significantly decrease my fatigue and it will make me more productive. I will have to update once I have put it into practice a bit. 

Check out knfbReader here- http://www.knfbreader.com  

 I found another great tool that I want to invest in. They are bone conduction headphones. The beauty of these headphones is that work by sending vibrations through your facial bones and they do not block your ears. This allows you to still listen to the environment around you while listening to music, talking on the phone or using VoiceOver. This is significant for me as I want to start using VoiceOver more, but not be restricted by having earbuds in and missing out on important audio cues in my environment. This is a huge safety concern with the amount that I travel by bus and as a visually impaired pedestrian. Check out these awesome headphones here – http://aftershokz.com. 

I will update after I have had a chance to work with this technology and report back on its usefulness. 


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